Hi and welcome to my blog!

I’m Sabrina, and if you are reading this you are either my mom or a bit of a travel addict like me.

I grew up in a small farm town in Massachusetts, and as much as I love the country I had to get out and see the world. While spending 4 years in Florida for college I traveled to several other states and studied abroad in England. While in Europe I traveled to several other countries solo and have not been able to stop since.

I  recently completed a national service program called AmeriCorps NCCC so I could give back to communities across America while traveling around the western United States.

I just got back home after working on a cruise ship and sailing around the Caribbean and Cuba. As of now, I am planning my backpacking trip through South America, while waiting for my next ship placement. Come September I will be living and teaching in China!

Now and then I travel with friends or family but mostly I love to take my trips solo. I am new to blogging, but I hope you enjoy my site and find some cool places to check out for yourself!


*All photos belong to me unless captioned otherwise*