If you did not know, New Orleans is my favorite place in the world! When you walk into the French Quarter, it really does feel like you are in a different country all together. The cobble stone streets, the creole food, the spicy smells and smooth jazz music…. it feels like a dream that I never want to end!

So, when I took my latest road trip from Texas to Florida, how could we not stop by NOLA?! We only had a few hours, so we had to spend them right!

Our main stop: The streets of the French quarter!


We took a walk down Royal, strolled Bourbon and perused the French Market. Getting lost in NOLA is a travelers dream and you are bound to find a voodoo shop, a place to grab some gumbo, or a souvenir shop to try on Mardi Gras masks, no matter which road you take.


Of course, our main goal was to go to Cafe du Monde for some beignets! We grabbed some to go, but no matter how/what you order, do not forget to stop here! It is cash only and it is the tourist trap that you will be happy to fall into.


While the sun was still high in the sky, we headed to Jackson square in from of the St. Louis Cathedral.


If you head toward the back and out the gate, you will most likely find a crowd gathered to listen to the smooth jazz or upbeat dance music put on by the locals.


Before we got back on the road, we made sure to take in the sounds, sites and culture as much as possible. NOLA really is a whole different world all in itself.


If you are looking for more to do in NOLA, check out my older post, “The Big Easy.”

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