I have been MIA for the past month and this is why…

For the past two months I have been running around getting all my documentation set up, my papers cleared, and my life in order so that I can get ready to set sail!

I received a call late last week that I would be needed to board the ship this Thursday. So, with only 5 days notice (but, lets be real, I love when I’m told it’s time to pack up and go right away) I got my life in order and hopped a plane to Miami this morning!

My cruise line put me up in the hotel for the night, where I am currently sitting down on a nice comfy bed, and updating you all on my travels, and tomorrow morning I will be shuttled to the ship. Then, it is off to sea!

I will be cursing the Bahamas and Cuba, as well as living and working on the ship, for the next 6 months straight- NO BREAKS!

Thus, I may be slow to write as I have no idea when I will be where, or when I will have access to the internet. But don’t worry, I will do my best to keep you updated on what life at sea, and traveling the islands it like!

Please be sure to leave comments below on questions you want answered or information you are hoping to read! I will do my best to post twice a month at a minimum- but like I said, not the best internet connection in the middle of the ocean. That is alright with me though, because the point of my life is to live it, and not be glued to a computer screen.

Off to my new adventure!!!!!

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