I spent about 8 weeks in Wyoming during the winter, and I will never be able to stop talking about it. I can not count the amount of times the locals told me, “this is the most snow we have ever had,” or “this has been our coldest winter in 20 years.” I know, we picked the perfect time to go. Especially since we were volunteering and doing outside construction work in -30 weather.

Though, as cold as it was…and believe me, I have never been that cold in my life…it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and our team did a lot of good. So, no, I do not regret one second of it.

Without further audo…here are a few of my favorite photographs that prove Wyoming may just be the coldest place  you will ever visit.

1.) Rock Solid Eggs

When the power goes out due to the snow, you need to improvise. So, we decided to leave our milk and eggs in the mud room. We did not think it would get THAT cold there, since it is partially heated by the cabin…alas, we were wrong…..


Our milk and eggs FROZE!! I have never seen a frozen egg before. I guess there is a first time for everything. I won’t even get into all the water bottles or food we accidentally left in the van, but all of that froze as well.

#2.) Feeling Like the Queen of Winter

I did not think that my eye lashes would ever literally freeze, unless I was to visit the arctic. But, guess what…they can and will in the Wyoming winters….so be prepaired to look like Elsa from Frozen.

Yes, I know I spelt “weather” wrong in my snap chat- to be fair, my fingers were frozen.

#3.) Hair as White as Snow

Your hair freezes as well….While the photo below is my friends hair freezing while sitting in the hot springs, my hair was white as a sheet and completely frozen over after staying out too late to see the dog races (unfortunately I can not find that photo).


#4.) Frosted Horses

Even the beautiful horses that called the Ranch we lived at home, became covered in front when they ventured outside.



#5.) Broken Vehicles

Everyone who has ever been through any kind of winter knows that their vehicle may get stuck in the snow, the doors may possibly freeze shut or they can not make it up hills due to how much ice there is. Not only did all of this happen to us, but one thing I never prepared for was that actual pieces of our van broking off, due tho the cold. Our van’s door handle snapped off TWICE because of the cold, along with our wipers. After our tire chains broke in half due to the cold, we stopped counting how many times we got stuck in the snow or skidded on ice.

Photo of our team van, taken by my friend Bradly J. V.


According to all the locals we interacted with, this past winter in Jackson, Wyoming was one of the coldest, and had the most snow fall, that they have had in over 20 years. The lowest point that we experienced (during the day) was -30. The highest during the winter months was always just below 40, but mostly in the negatives.

The amount of snow we shoveled, times we had to take warm up breaks, or puffed dragon breaths, were countless. Of course, to back up my ramblings, I pulled this quote from Mountainweather.com: “For the meteorological winter, the mountain snowpack was the deepest ever; snowfall and water amounts were second only to the winter of 1996-97” (Jack Woodmencey).


But hey, we survived…and what a cold and wild ride it was.

Huge props to all our friends back in Jackson that live through these winters every year. Of course, to them, the cold is just a normal part of their lives. But to us, it will be a winter that we will never forget.




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