I flew into San Antonio a few weeks ago to drive to Florida with some of my friends who were moving back into college. I’ve been across the whole of Texas, but San Antonio may be my favorite place in the state. It has such a calm and comfortable feeling, like a drink of cold water in the desert.

We spent about half the day there, getting a tour from our friend who grew up in the town. It’s always much more fun exploring a city with a local. It’s like getting a behind the scenes tour of a movie set.

Right after I got picked up at the airport, we drove to downtown San Antonio and found a lot to park in. We climbed out of the car and strolled the streets. Many of the buildings were a lot older than what you would expect from a city. The architecture was spectacular.


We strolled passed parks and shops, smiling to the friendly tourists and locals walking along the pathway next to us, as we made our way through town to the Alamo.

Now, I remember reading about the Alamo in grade school, and even if you never studied it, I am sure you will never forget the slogan, “Remember the Alamo.” What I did not know was that it was still an actual place you could visit. But it is, and we did!


You can enter the Alamo for free. Just stroll right through the entrance and into the courtyard.


Most of the fort looks like it was built of old clay that is starting to crumble. You can tour inside the building as well and see many of the weapons used during the battle, along with many uniforms and tools, all encased in glass boxes that explain what each item is. Or, if you are not much of a history buff, head on in anyhow to hide in the air conditioning and escape the heat for a bit!


After touring the Alamo, we made our way further into town and to the River Walk.



The River Walk is a very long, shaded group of path that runs along the San Antonio river. It feels like a bit of the wilderness in the middle of a city.


There a tons of restaurant that line the other side of the path. Mainly you will see Mexican restaurants. And when in Texas, you have to have Mexican at least once- it’s a staple food in the state.


My favorite part of the Riverwalk, is the lines of colorful umbrellas that give off a festive feel.


Keep your eyes peeled for cool artwork and colors along the way.


And at anytime, you can make your way to the other side by crossing one of the many bridges the connect each side. It’s a bit like a mini Venice in America.


One of San Antonio’s prized buildings is known as “The Tower of The Americas.” It’s a 750-foot observation tower that looks a bit like the Seattle Space Needle, and was originally built for the World’s Fair. For about 27 years it was the tallest building in America but, while it lost that title, it is still the tallest building in San Antonio.


The river walk will eventually bring you to the Shops at the River Center, a large mall where you can go in and browse through many different shops. Or, if you rather continue on the River Walk, just follow the path to circle around and continue your journey on the other side.


After strolling along the river way for a bit, we bought tickets and climbed aboard a boat tour, to get up close and personal with the river and hear the stories of the city.


The boat takes you all along the waterfront, and the driver gives you very detailed information about the buildings, famous people and happenings and the history of the city.


The tour was not only informative but our driver was hilarious and we had a wonderful time. After we got off the boat, we got lunch at one of the many restaurant on the walkway.

Once lunch was over, it was time for our next stop! We climbed back into the car and drove off to catch a minor league baseball game. Our friend had been given free tickets, and I am not one to turn down a baseball game.


We entered the stadium, found our seat and cheered on our team from the bleachers.


When the game ended, our team had absolutely creamed the competition! Though, they had been neck and neck up till the fifth inning. Because of the win, all the fans got a ticket for a free breakfast from Texas’ favorite fast food restaurant, Whataburger!

I reccomened stopping by at some point and getting a burger and a sweat tea, because when in Texas, how could you not?!


A morning or two later, we were on our way to Florida!

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