Lake Tahoe is one of California’s most beautiful places to see. To be honest, before heading out to Cali, I had never heard of this magical place. But, after being dragged along… I am in love.

A group of us took a two hour road trip up to Lake Tahoe in late September. The first thing we did was find a spot to park and a mountain to hike.


Strangely enough, the parking lot was packed with bees and wasps. Yes, wasps. No hives or left over sugar to be seen, but you can not get away from the buzzing until you set off pass the parking lot and the trail head, to be on your way up the mountain.


Lake Tahoe is a place that is known for it’s outdoor recreation. It’s beautiful hikes are just one of the many things to do while here.


Of course, the views are even better…



Only a couple miles up the trail and we stopped dead in our tracks to take in the magnificent views.


The mountains seem to go on forever…


There are streams and small river running down the rocky terrain, along with squirrels and other furry creatures hopping from rock to rock to avoid the hikers.


You could spend days hiking around these parts. And if we had the time, we most definitely would have.



After a sweaty hike, we made our way down to the lake. While hiking we had met a kind couple who frequents South Lake Tahoe, and they told us exactly what beach to go to and how to get there. (Though, for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it at this moment). We followed their directions to a cozy spot by the water.


The beach was not too crowded. Not surprising, considering it was September. But there were many people swimming and lots more boating.


The water was absolutely freezing, but you can’t go to Lake Tahoe and not go swimming! It was easy to talk each other into taking a dip.


No matter where you look from your spot floating in the water, your eyes behold a beautiful sight… either the lake below that spans out to touch the forrest, or the mountain range behind that seem to reach out and touch the sky.



After a few hours at the beach, we needed to head back, so we could avoid driving the dangerous roads during the night. However, I would call it a paved path along the edge of a cliff, rather than an actual road. Be careful driving if you find yourself in Tahoe, it can be as dangerous as it is beautiful.


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