Devil’s Den is an underground spring in northern Florida where you can go scuba diving.

Two of my best friends and I made a pit stop there at the start of our road trip, on our way to North Carolina. We only spent a few hours diving, but it was an unforgettable experience.

You can park outside the privately owned property for free, in the lot stationed outside the entrance. When you enter, the bridge at the entrance will bring you to the door of the building where you can purchase tickets for Devil’s Den.

We had planned to snorkel, so we rented flippers, masks and snorkels and purchased our entrance tickets. If you want to scuba dive and forgot your own gear, do not worry, you can also rent scuba equipment from them.

We were lead to an open field where several other guests were eating their bagged lunches or pealing off their wetsuits. Just next to the field was a door that opened to a staircase surrounded by a rock barrier, that lead down into the earth.

We followed the stairs down and, just before reaching another set of stairs, the earth opened up, revealing a beautiful, glowing, underground sight.


We followed the stairs down, stepping onto the platform at the bottom, which was submerged underwater. After listening to some rules, we were given the go ahead to swim and snorkel to our hearts desire.

The water was cool, crystal clear and a beautiful light blue. Looking up from the center, you can see right through the hole in the earth that gives way to the sky.


We swam and dived, avoiding the few scuba divers that were down there with us. Lucky, it was pretty empty and we had lots of room to go where we wanted too.

My friends at the base, with me as the awesome photographer.


It definitely made top 3 on my list of beautiful places to go for a swim.

After an hour or more of swimming around, we climbed back up the steep, slippery staircase to return to the surface and dry off.


After changing into dry clothing and warming up in the Florida sunshine, we climbed back in the car and took off on our road trip.

If you are ever in the area, I recommend stopping by for a truly magical experience.

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