A few years ago I was on a service trip in Georgia that included a white water rafting excursion in Chattanooga, TN on the Ocoee river.

The weather was hot , even though it was fall, and the water was the perfect temperature to keep you cool without freezing you to the bone. Our team split into groups of six and sat down for a tutorial on white water rafting safety. After watching the short video, and repeating the paddle strokes the instructor showed us, we got fitted for life jackets and headed to the rafts.

We each grabbed a paddle, picked a spot to sit and carried the raft down a long incline to the water. We put the boat in the river and climbed in. The water was teaming with other rafters and kayaks. When it was our turn, the instructor pushed off an away we went.




The rapids were absolutely crazy. Water splashed over us and into the boat as we paddled to the directions of the instructor.


At one point during the ride, I fell off. I got swept underneath the boat and stuck there for a moment or two. I got out as quick as I could and the instructor grabbed the sides of my life jacket and pulled me back up.

It was defiantly a scary moment. But I easily shrugged it off as all part of the journey.


At the end of the journey, a few of us jumped out of the boat and swam around while waiting for the rest of the boats to group up.



The experience was fantastic. Another check off the bucket list.

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