One thing that is on everyone’s buck list is to go skydiving. It has always been on mine. Thanks to a silent auction, I won a ticket to skydive in Newport, Rhode Island for only $75.00. What a deal! It does not matter that I would be flying solo, I could not pass up the chance.

On the day I was scheduled to jump out of a plane, I got up early, hoped in my truck and drove the 45 minuets to Newport, Rhode Island. I was super excited, but not yet nervous.

I pulled into Skydive Newport, parked and went inside. After checking in and signing the necessary paperwork (in case, you know, I died and all) they had me watch a quick video to explain how tandem jumping works. (Tandem jumping is where you jump with a professional, who you are attached too. You are not aloud to jump solo until after 4 tandem jumps, according to this company.)

After they strapped me in gear, I sat in the waiting room until it was my turn. After being introduced to the man I would be strapped to while falling out of the plane, we headed out to the runway and climbed aboard a tiny, shaky little plane. As the plane zipped down the runway….we came to a complete stop and had to get out.

There was something wrong with the plane that had to do with a bug getting into the aliment system? I don’t exactly know what it was… but it did not exactly make me feel safe when about to fly over 18,000 feet in the air. It also did not make me feel safe when they came back with the same plane and said, “everything is fine now.”

But I climbed aboard anyway.


As the plane ascended I began to get a little nervous. But it was too late now. And the view was amazing.

All too soon it was time to jump. I was asked if I was ready as the man climbed over and began strapping me in. With me tied to the front of him, he opened the door to the plane and I braced myself on the door frame.

At that moment my stomach dropped, and just like on a roller coaster, my first thought was, “why did I do this?”

He did not even count to three, but asked if I was ready and the told me to jump.


My stomach dropped again the second I pushed off, but that was it. From there, I had no nervous feeling. Just the free feeling of free falling. And it was amazing.

We dove through clouds and they dissipated around us. The ground below was miles away and the towns and roads looked like children’s toys.


As we got closer and closer to the ground the only thing I felt besides the awe of it all was that I did not want it to end.

All too soon it was time to pull the parashoot. I was given my instructions ,over the wind, and I got in position. Smiling the whole time, I pulled the cord.


The shoot popped out behind us and slowed us down. We turned this way and that way as we aimed for the grassy field below.


We were closed to the ground and I was told to raise my feet. We landed gracefully on our butts and I was laughing the whole time.


I thanked the skydiver who took me for the ride. And was a bit sad, for it to have been over so soon.


It was definitely an adventure and I would not hesitate to do it again.



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