From the words of a great friend and Jackson local…”If we have anything in Jackson, it is food!” If you are going to Jackson you will have tons of great options to choose from. From bagels to game, it just gets better and better.

Where to eat…….

Breakfast/ Brunch …

Pearl Street Bagels

Here you can choose from an assortment of different types of bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. All, may I add, are a good choice. Or, you can get a bagel sandwich for lunch. The staff are super friendly and it cozy inside if you want to sit down, or you can grab to go.

pearl street bages.jpg

Even though you can get them around town, a Dust Cutter goes great with lunch from Pearl Street Bagels. A Dust Cutter is a lemonade beverage only found in Jackson and it comes in a few different flavors. I prefer the strawberry lemonade. (If you are not into sugary lemonade this may not be the best drink for you, they have lots of sugar in them.)


Cafe Genevieve

Cafe Genevieve has a small menu, but everything on it is delicious! The best breakfast/brunch I had in Jackson Hole was here. This is me telling you to order the Spanish Frittata. It is amazing!


Lunch or Dinner…


I think I ate at Sidewinders at least once a week while in town. Their burgers are on point! The staff is super cool and the atmosphere is very chill. The menu is not too expensive and if you are the sports bar type this is the place to eat. The only downfall is that they are not good at making their burgers cooked to order. I think everything is made medium or well.


If you are here in February and are a football fan, it is a great place to watch the Superbowl. However, it does get crazy crowded.


Liberty Burger

I’m going to be honest, Liberty Burger was not my favorite. The burgers were OK and the fries were sub-par. However, it was always on the list of places the locals said to go. If you do go, order a shake because they were fantastic.

burgs at lib.jpg

Bubba’s Bar-B-Que

Another one of my favorites in Jackson is Bubba’s!  For the perfectly smoked meal you need to go here. Every bite is delicious and perfectly southern. I got the brisket with slaw and potatoes.

bubbas food.jpg

Lunch is super cheap here and extremely filling. If you are too full for dessert get something to go. And by ‘something’ I mean the Buttermilk Pie. It is sooooooo good! You will not be disappointed.



Sweet water is great for lunch or dinner. It is a homey restaurant with great food. My favorite part is that your drink comes in a mason jar. You can order anything for lunch and it will be a perfect meal. If you are a vegetarian, try one of several of their awesome veggie dishes.

sweet water.jpg

For lunch try an Elk Burger or one of their amazing salads with homemade dressings.  If you are going for dinner get the Elk Ossobucco, it taste like your grandmother made it. Dinner is much more expensive than lunch but I say it is worth it for a splurge.

elk burgar.jpg

Pinky G’s

If you are in the mood for Pizza, Pinky G’s is the place. It is big with the locals and the pizza is fantastic.


You can order cheese, pepperoni or veggie by the slice. Or, you can order one of their specialty pizzas as a whole pie. Any choice is good (specialty is better) and it is cheap.

pinky pizza.jpg

The Lift

The lift is another burger joint that is on point. The food is amazing. If you are an appetizer person, order the nachos! Most items will be over $14.00 but the burgers are less expensive and cooked to order.

lift burger.jpg

The Bird

The Bird has a comfortable and chill atmosphere. They also have wing specials on Tuesday nights. However, do not order your burger anything under medium (no matter what the menu tells you). There is a difference between a rare burger and a raw burger and I swear my burger was raw. Not my favorite burger place, but if I ordered something else I think I would’ve liked it a lot better.


Sweets and Desserts…

Coco Love

Coco Love is not insanely cheap but the chocolate delights are delicious. It feels a little out of place in Jackson due to its upscale interior, but it is a good stop if you have a sweat tooth.

coco love.jpg

The Bread Basket

The bread basket it a bakery owned by a Spanish woman and French man. Needless to say, the food is down right amazing. They have lots of different pastries and goodies to try and I have never seen a pastry over $1.75. So stop by and load up. They are open late but the earlier you go, the more likely you are to get better treats.

bred basket.jpg

Persephone Bakery

Persephone is another great stop in. Their menu changes by the day when it comes to baked good, and everything they make is fantastic.

fodd at bae.jpg


Cowboy Coffee

Last but not least on my list is the cowboy coffee. I’m going to be honest, it took me 4 different times of ordering a drink here to find something I like. The best thing on the menu.. a Landslide. It is a frozen milk-shake like drink with banana, chocolate and peanut butter. You can also add a shot of espresso. If you are a coffee person, go for the Huckleberry  Mudpot.

However iffy the drinks are (do not get the hot chocolate it taste like hot water no matter how much chocolate they add) the food is great. At least once a week I came here to get a landslide, bullseye sandwich and free wifi. The atmosphere is great for relaxing and getting work done. The staff are also delightful and give great advice on what to see and do.


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